Spiral Warrior: List of Redemption Codes and How To Find More

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Spiral Warrior is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring spinning tops for characters, kind of like Beyblade. You get to unleash your tops against opponents who are both computer controlled and controlled by other players, power them up, and unlock new rare and epic ones.

This game features redemption codes that have been provided by the developer and can you have new players a boost, as well as keep veterans players in the game when the competition gets tough. Each player can use each individual redemption code once, but they can redeem as many as they want.

Read on for a list of redemption codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Spiral Warrior!

In order to use redemption codes, first, you have to make it all the way through the tutorial, to the point where you can click on anything you want to. After this, click the menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you do that, tap the settings cog. On the next menu, pick the button that says “redemption code“. Now, enter your code and confirm it, and as long as the code is current and working, you will instantly receive your free rewards, straight to the in-game mailbox.

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There are a number of places to start looking for codes, but the most likely place to find them is on the Subreddit for the game, because this is a hugely popular place for players to go and discuss codes. Look for any thread by a player advertising that they have codes, and check the responses to threads that people post when they ask for codes. If you have codes that you don’t see posted, then be sure to share them yourself.

Another good source is the official Facebook page for the game, because developers often post their own codes there first. Follow the page so that any new code goes directly to your news feed. Look through the messages and pictures that have already been shared so you can find any codes that you might have missed.

Check other social media networks as well, such as Instagram, Twitter, VK, Chinese networks, and more. Developers often maintain official pages on multiple networks, and occasionally they will share codes on one network but not any of the others, as a way to drum up subscribers. Check all of them, not just one, for the best chance at finding more codes.

Twitch and YouTube are excellent sources, and frequently, you will find codes there that you won’t find anywhere else. This is because streamers often get unreleased codes directly from the developers so that they can share them with their channels. Take advantage of this and try all those codes for yourself.

Discord is an excellent place to get the newest codes, because it’s a live chat, so players are going to post codes as soon as they find them. you can make your search quick by using the search bar in the app, and typing the word “code“. Of course, share any codes that you might have that you don’t already see posted.

As follows, here is the list of working codes for Spiral Warrior:









Be sure to keep checking back with this article, because the more codes that we find, the more that we will share!

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