Magnum Quest: List of Redemption Codes and How To Find More

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Magnum Quest is a beautiful looking new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with gameplay that’s familiar, yet is paired to some of the best looking graphics on a mobile device for a non-AAA game. You can load up on characters for your squad and go on quests to earn coins and Dragonshards, while following the pirate-themed story and enjoying Silicon Graphics-esque glossy graphics.

You can also compete against other players, and redemption codes are one way to get an edge and maintain it. These codes can be exchanged and redeemed for free gifts and prizes, and are often given out by the developers as a way to promote the game, or to incentivize veterans to get deeper into it.

Read on for a list of redemption codes, how to get more of them, and how to use them in Magnum Quest!

Before you can even enter any codes, you have to make it far enough into the game where you’re actually allowed into the menu. The prerequisite is to beat level 1-12. Once you’re done with that level, then the redemption code menu (among other menus) will unlock.

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After that happens, tap on your avatar, then tap the button that says “redemption codes”. Here you will be able to either type your code, or copy and paste it from another source. Do that and then submit the code in order to instantly earn your free rewards.

Facebook is a good starting point for hunting down new codes. Go to the official page for the game of that is run by the developer and look through the feed to see what codes they have already posted. Be sure to subscribe to the page as well, so that you can get new codes as soon as they are released.

Other social media networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, can be a good source for codes, even if there are no official developer-run pages. Look for fan discussion about the game, because it’s likely that they will share any codes that they find. Stay away from a survey offers for codes and, though, because these are either scams, or are simply giving away codes for cheating software.

Check out the Subreddit as well, because this is the first place that most players go in order to share codes or search for codes. Look for any thread posted by other players advertising codes and, or, if you have any coats of your own to share, then share them with other players and post a thread of your own.

Twitch and YouTube can be an excellent source for codes, because the developers often give codes to streamers and video creators as a promotional tool, so you’re likely to find exclusive codes located within streams and videos. Take advantage of these developer arrangements by testing any codes that you find.

As of right now, the following codes have been released for Magnum Quest:




Be sure to keep an eye on this article, because as we find more codes, we will share them with you!

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