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Choices!: Stories You Play – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Choices!: Stories You Play is a new interactive story game by Pixelberry Studios, makers of High School Story and Hollywood U. This game contains multiple novels in the romance, fantasy and crime genres, in which you play as one of the characters and can make choices about what to say and what to do, which then affect the story. Read on for some tips and tricks for Choices!: Stories You Play!

Once you start a specific story, the game will automatically go back to that story any time that you start it up. If you want to switch to a different story, hit the home button and you will exit out of the story that you are in. You will still keep your place in the story, you will just be able to go on and read other ones as well.

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You can read them in any order that you want, too, if you want to start a part two ahead of a part one. They might not make as much sense, but you can still read stories out of order by going to the menu and opening a story, and reading it, as long as either it doesn’t cost diamonds, or it does and you have diamonds to pay for it.

It costs a key to read a chapter. If your keys drop below 2, a timer will begin and after three hours, you will receive another key. You can either wait for the keys to come back, or if you want, you can purchase free keys. Keys are often given out as rewards.

You get free diamonds automatically whenever you complete a chapter in a story, so play and read often to receive free diamonds. Diamonds are used for unlocking premium stories, so if you don’t have enough diamonds to read a particular book now, go to the other books and read them for more diamonds.

You can’t replay a specific chapter in the story, but you can restart a story altogether. Just go to the restart button, which is a circular button with an arrow, for a particular story, and tap that button, and it will start back over from the beginning. You cannot get diamonds for completing a chapter for the second time though, only for completing it for the first time.