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Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind is a new mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the smash hit streaming show of the same name. You play as a contestant on the show, and you even join up with all of the contestants from the real show. You can engage in a story of your own, interact with all of your favorite at least favorite people from the show, make different choices, and see how your choices affect your story and who you end up with as your lover.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind!

Right from the beginning of the game, there will be a large amount of different dialogues available, complete with choices that you can make. None of the choices are right or wrong; each choice that is possible has a different effect on the story, so depending on how you choose, the story will go in a different direction. There is a nearly unlimited amount of story possibilities.

New episodes to the story release every single week. There is unfortunately no secret or trick to getting the new episode faster; you have to wait for it to show up, and it also tends to follow the release of the latest episode on the Netflix streaming service. Once the new episode drops, though, you will be able to play it instantly.

You can restart the chapter that you’re currently playing at any time, simply by going to the menu and hitting the reload button next to the story button. If you restart the episode, then you will be able to go back from the very beginning with the character that you have already created, or with an entirely different character. You will also be able to make different choices and see how they affect the story.

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You start off with a limited collection of clothing, a collection that differs depending on The gender of your character. As the story progresses, you will automatically unlock new clothing for your character; not with any sort of currency or accomplishments that you have to finish, but simply by moving forward in the story. The choices that you make, however, can change the circumstances that lead to specific items of clothing being unlocked.

In the beginning part of the game, on the main menu, you will see preview images for new stories, such as for Money Heist and other playable interactive stories based off of other Netflix shows. Even though the previews are showing up within the app, these stories will become downloadable in the future as their own separate apps.