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Love Island The Game 2: Free Tickets and Gems Guide

Love Island The Game 2, for the iOS and Android platforms, is the latest game based off of the Love Island series of reality shows, in which male and female contestants on the island compete to find love. The game is mainly story driven, giving it a similar feel to the show, with you playing as one of the contestants on the island.

There are two different currencies in Love Island The Game 2. Gems are the more common one, and they allow you to purchase clothing and accessories, which is important in the competition itself. Tickets allow you to continue playing different episodes, as the stories are divided up into seasons and episodes just like the show is.

Read on for a guide to getting free gems and tickets without having to spend any money in Love Island The Game 2!

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You start off the game with a number of gems and tickets, and as you progress through the tutorial, you will complete a number of quests that are designed to get you some more gems to spend. They are also designed to lead you to starting off on the right foot within the game itself, so that you quickly learn how to play and become a master at it.

The best way to get more gems is to go to the inbox area so that you can see these quests. Once you are there, you’ll be able to scroll through a list of quests that you can complete, and if you have already completed a quest, you will be able to claim the rewards. Many of the quests offer you free clothing items and accessories, as well, so that you don’t even have to spend your gems.

Scroll down in the quest list and you’ll see a number of hidden quests. These quests open up based on what decisions you make in the dialogue aspects of the game. You can play the game however you want. Be naughty, be nice, be flirty, or be spicy, and a batch of different quests will open up to you depending on how you play it.

There is another way to earn free gems, as well; collect the daily bonuses by logging in every single day after you download the game. Even if you don’t plan to play that day, or don’t know whether or not you are going to play, log in and collect the bonus. That’s all that you have to do; then log back out after that.

Tickets are much more difficult to come by for free than gems are. The daily login bonuses will earn you free tickets as well, so be sure to log in every single day to make sure that you get your free ticket bonuses, too. Collect those tickets, even if you don’t plan to play for that day.

That is the only known way to get free tickets so far, aside from quests (or spending an iTunes gift card), but if we find more ways to get free tickets (or gems for that matter), then we will let you know!


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