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Monster Galaxy Exile (iOS): Tips on getting uncommon, rare, super rare, epic and legendary Moga

In Monster Galaxy Exile, there are many different classes of Moga. You have the beginner Moga, which mostly only show up on the Gateway Island. Then, you have the common Moga, which you can normally find around each stage. Finally, you have the rare, super rare, epic and legendary Moga, which are the least common and the most powerful. Read on for tips on how to get all of them!

Uncommon Moga might be called uncommon, but on each island, there are usually one or two particular stages where they show up every time that you go there. Figure out what this stage is, and you will be able to easily catch uncommon Moga there. Make sure to look at your “Moga caught” counter on each island. If you haven’t caught every single one of them, search around and there might be an uncommon one lurking.

To catch rare and super rare moga, go to every single island and start collecting every single star on each island. Once you collect every single star on one single island, a new quest will pop up, and one of the stages on the island will flash yellow. Go to this island, and you will immediately fight with one of the rare Moga on the island. Catch it as you would any normal Moga, except be prepared to throw more Starseeds before everything is said and done.

In addition, when you are in a battle against multiple Moga in one round, sometimes the very last one that you face is one that is catchable. Often this will be rare or above. Pay attention to if the “Catch” button lights up on the last Moga in the middle of the battle, and if it does, do everything you can to try and catch it.

Legendary and Epic Moga can only be gotten using Moga Cash, unless you are further in the game. Then, they can be caught the same way that the Rare and Super Rare Moga can.