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Guide to Monster Galaxy Exile for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Monster Galaxy Exile is the newest game in the Monster Galaxy series that originally began on Facebook, with this new entry being the second one on the iPhone and the iPad. This monster catching game by Gaia Online puts you back into the role of the Moga tamer, and this time the evil King Otho has left you in a dark prison, along with many of your old friends from the originals such as the crazy old fake wizard. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Galaxy Exile!

Your first world in the game is the Gateway, and when you’re playing through the Gateway, you should try to avoid using any star seeds to the fullest extent possible. It’s not fully possible to do, but use the minimal amount necessary, and save them for Hell Island, which is the next world in the game, which has FAR higher-level Moga for you to catch. If you see a rare one, get it though.

However, for level grinding, the Gateway is actually one of the best options, due to both the ease of defeating all of the Mogas there, and the low amount of energy that it takes to begin a stage there.

Every time that you weaken a wild monster, you increase your chances of being able to catch it when you throw a star seed at it. Weaken it to the point where your chance is shown as being 51% or better if at all possible. When your chance is 51% or higher, it’s actually much closer to 90-100 percent, and you will VERY rarely have a starseed miss at that point.

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To get a three star score on every stage, go to the stage (or preferably, go back to the stage again after you have already beaten it) and every single time that you pull off an attack, stop it in the “MAX” portion of the attack meter. In addition to doing this, also make sure that none of your Moga die during the ensuing battle, or you won’t get all three stars for it. If you can three star every stage in one world, you’ll earn bonus star seeds and rare Moga.

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