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How to play Monster Galaxy Exile (iOS): FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Monster Galaxy Exile! This is the third installment in the Monster Galaxy series, after the original Facebook title and the first iOS title (Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands), and it takes both the monster collection RPG gameplay and the hilarious dialog and kicks them up a notch, resulting in one of the more fun iOS games in quite awhile. Your goal is to get out of the prison on the bizarre chain of islands that King Otho has thrown you onto, and you’ll meet all kinds of familiar characters on the way.

The first order of events is, of course, engaging in Moga battles. If you have played the previous Monster Galaxy games, then this will be fairly familiar, but if you have not, then keep reading. You have two attacks in a battle, which are your normal attack and your Zodiac attack. Both of these require actual engagement from the player, rather than just tapping a button to make it happen.

The regular attack will send a bar zooming left and right across the bottom of the screen, and you have to stop the indicator in or as close to the bright green area as possible. Stopping it inside earns you the “perfect” attack, which does the most damage, and the further away from it you stop, the less damage your attack does. The Zodiac attack requires you to tap the screen over and over until you fill in the entire Zodiac icon before the time runs out.

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If you fill up the Zodiac icon completely, then you’ll pull off the attack, but if you don’t, then you skip a turn. Finally, between those two, is the Catch button, which allows you to catch the Moga that you are fighting by throwing either a Star Seed or a Master Star Seed. Star Seeds have a certain “catch” percentage – for example, if one has a 41 percent chance, then that will be your chance of catching the Moga when you throw the seed.

To increase that percentage, decrease the opposing Moga’s energy as much as possible. The more that you can decrease its energy, the better your chances will be of catching the Moga.

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