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Monster Galaxy Exile (iOS) Guide part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Monster Galaxy Exile guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Click here to go back to part 1 of the Monster Galaxy Exile strategy guide.

Since the rare and super rare Moga are difficult to catch (they have a higher percentage of misses with starseeds), save your Starseeds on each new world that you start. Save them until you find all of the uncommon Moga, and especially until after you get every available star on that world, and are taken to the fight with the rare Moga that you earn as a reward for getting all of the stars. Weaken it, and throw as many Starseeds as you need to in order to catch it. Then start working on catching all of the more common ones.

Then, once you go back and start catching all of the Mogas in the stage, make sure that your main Moga team (usually your rares and super rares, and even rarer) are rested up, ready to fight, and are in your current main party. Use them in the battles where you catch all of the other Moga, since each caught Moga gives a huge experience bonus, which can earn you easy level ups.

Load your main Moga team with the rarest Mogas that you have, because the rarest ones are always the strongest ones, relative to their experience levels. Even if you have higher-level common Mogas that are stronger at the given moment, put the rare ones in, level them up, and they will end up being much, much stronger, and having a higher maximum experience level,.

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Take your first backup Mogas (the fourth, fifth, and sixth rarest Moga that you have) out for some level-grinding and common Moga catching missions once in awhile, though, so that if all of your main Moga get defeated in battle, you can still go out and complete all of the missions that you need to complete.