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Monster Galaxy Exile for iOS: How to get more Starseeds, Blue Coffee and Moga Cash

In Monster Galaxy Exile for the iPhone and iPod Touch, there are a number of items that can help you out. One of them is Starseeds, which are essential for, obviously, catching new Mogas. Blue Coffee is used to refill your energy whenever you run out of energy, or to restore the hit points of a Moga after its energy has been partially drained in battle. Moga Cash is a premium currency that will let you play the Lucky Moga game, which can earn you rare, epic and legendary Moga.

There are a number of ways to get more Starseeds and Blue Coffee. You’ll earn more of them as you complete the various quests throughout the game. Each quest will earn you either free Starseeds, or free Blue Coffee, as a reward for completing them. Most of the time, Starseeds will be the reward, but about one fifth of the quests that you complete will earn you Blue Coffee.

In addition, make sure to claim your daily prize by going to the menu, and then tapping on the button next to “Get your daily prize!” If you do this, you will usually earn free Starseeds, but just like the above, you’ll earn free Blue Coffee every so often as well. That makes sense because Starseeds are used far more frequently and are more necessary to the game than Blue Coffee is.

You can also buy Starseeds and Blue Coffee in the store. You can’t buy them using Moga Cash, though, you can only buy them using actual money through the app store as an in app purchase.

You can also buy Moga Cash the same way, in the store part of the menu, using real money in the app store. Right now, that is the only known way to earn more Moga Cash, although there are other ways to get those rare Moga that the Moga Cash is good for.