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Naruto: Slugfest – List of Redeem Codes and CDKs and How To Find More of Them

Naruto: Slugfest is the latest in the ever-growing stable of Naruto mobile games, and is the first MMORPG in the series. You can play as all of your favorite characters, go on quests, compete with and against other players, and earn all kinds of rewards for doing so.

One thing that you can do in this game is earn free rewards, including premium currency, in exchange for entering redeem codes, or CDKs (short for CDKeys). These codes are often given out by the developers, and are meant for deep players to discover, but anyone can use them.

Read on for a list of redeem codes and CDKs, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Naruto: Slugfest!

When you find any sort of redeem code, they’re useless without knowing how to actually exchange them. First, go to the Rewards tab on the main menu when it appears; this will be about after the tutorial ends.

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Tap on that, and then tap on the Redeem Code button on the left side of the screen. Once you are there, you will be prompted to enter a redeem code in order to earn a whole bunch of free rewards.

When you’re looking for redeem codes for Naruto: Slugfest, the first place that you should look is in the official social media channels for the game. The developers will generally pass out redeem codes on the game’s Facebook, Twitter, etc, although the codes will often be different depending on which social network you are on.

Be sure to check the Subreddit for Naruto: Slugfest. Players who find working codes will tend to post them here; if you see a working code and it’s not posted here, then post it, and other players will be encouraged to do the same thing.

If you find the Discord link to the game, follow it, and then subscribe. Then, use the search box to find specific terms. Type in Redeem Codes, CDK’s, or simply Codes, and then search and sift through all of the “what are the codes?” posts to find people who actually know the codes.

One of the best places to check with games like this is on YouTube and Twitch, as streamers often get codes that old-school social media users don’t get. They partner up with the developers, and they get special codes to give out that you will find nowhere else (besides here).

Here is a list of the codes that have been given out so far for Naruto: Slugfest. And be aware that some of these codes take FOREVER to type out, so be patient.




Be sure to keep on checking back for more codes, as we will post them as soon as we know them. And be sure to try them on multiple platforms. if it doesn’t work on Android, it might sill work in iOS.


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