Producer: Choose Your Star – All VIP Photos, Free Bucks and Crystals, Tips and Cheats Guide

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Producer: Choose Your Star is a new game where you play as a producer, and your goal is to take brand new models and turn them into stars. You can hire them out for various jobs with artists, photographers, and other collaborators, talk to them and flirt with them, and get pictures, including VIP photos, which are the rarest and most sought after in the game.

Read on for a guide to getting all VIP photos, getting free bucks and crystals, and more in Producer: Choose Your Star!

Doing almost anything in this game requires bucks, especially upgrading your models with things such as education and training. There are two ways to earn bucks. One is simply to watch advertisement videos over and over again, which you can do in this game, as there is no limit to how many you can watch.

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Another is to go to the spin game and spin for free bucks. You can also get free diamonds this way, which are the premium currency of the game, and even more spins. Various other bonuses are available from the spin game, as well.

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One of the bonuses that you can unlock is the flirting game. The flirting game is a mini-game similar to some puzzle games, where you have to tap the screen when the marker inside of the bar is in the right area. You will get rewards if you tap at just the right time.

When you chat with the girls, you will have multiple options as to what you are able to say to them. Some of the entries seem better than others, but no matter whether you pick the better or worse entry, the conversation always seems to continue, so the choice you make it actually doesn’t matter a whole lot.

The way to unlock more conversation is by upgrading your girl with training, education, new outfits, and other goodies. Each time that you do that, new conversation is unlocked, and a new picture comes with it.

So how do you get all of the photos for each girl? Start with your first girl and simply continue to upgrade her and chat with her. As the chat sessions continue moving forward, she will continually send you pictures, including highly coveted VIP pictures. They will usually send you these pictures last.

As you make your way through the game, you will unlock more girls and become a more successful producer. Eventually, you will be able to unlock all the girls simply by playing through the game, even though it can be a little bit of a grind. Just keep earning bucks and crystals.

If you are going to make an in-app purchase, then your options are to buy spins or currency directly, or to buy spins on the slot machine, which provides bigger bonuses than the standard lucky spin game does. Test both purchases to see which one gets you the better rewards, and then purchase from that one.

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