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Rivals at War for iOS and Android: How to get free Bucks and Coins

The newest game in the Hothead Games roster will be familiar to everyone who has played the Big Win sports games, which include Big Win Basketball, Baseball, Football and Hockey, but this has more unique elements than those games do, which is predictable because of how different the setting is. One of the carryover features, though, is the presence of both coins and bucks as forms of currency. Bucks are the more premium of the two, and coins are easier to get, but both of them can be gotten absolutely free.

You can get free bucks each time that you gain an experience level. In addition, you have a chance to earn bucks as a bonus each time that you play the regular campaign or veteran campaign modes. Where you rank in the tournament rankings determines how many bucks you earn – the higher you rank, the bigger your reward. The veteran’s campaign, of course, being a much tougher tournament, gives you bigger rewards for ranking high enough to win bucks.

However, you can earn even more free bucks at the Tapjoy offer wall. Click on the plus sign next to the bucks counter and then on the Get Free Bucks button, or on the Free Bucks button on the bottom of the screen, to get to the offer wall. Once there, complete any free offer that you see fit, and you’ll get free bucks. Rewards range from low to very high depending on if the offer requires a credit card number or not. More offers, which include app downloads, appear on as well.

To get free coins, tap on the plus sign next to the coins button and then tap on the “Watch and earn” button. A short advertisement video will play. Watch the whole thing and you will earn 300 coins. You can watch loads of these videos, so watch them over and over to rack up the coins rapidly.

Selling cards that you don’t need or trading in your bucks for coins are two other methods that work well. If you’re not getting enough coins by playing against other players, do all three of these tactics to get a ton of them.