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Big Win Basketball for iOS: How to get free Coins, Big Bucks and Energy

If you are a basketball fan or a fan of collectible trading card games, or if you are both, then chances are that you will enjoy Big Win Basketball. In this game, coins are the main form of money and currency, while Big Bucks are the big, expensive, “freemium” currency that gets you all of the good stuff. Energy, while less publicized in this game, is what you need in order to play games against other teams. Read on to find out how to get more of all three, for free!

Coins can be used for buying new bronze and silver card packs. You can get them, of course, by playing quick games, but you can earn them even faster if you participate in the trophy rounds and finish in the top five in your league. If you do you will earn rewards that consist of both coins and Big Bucks.

The fastest way to earn coins, though, is by tapping the little button next to the coin counter that says “get free coins”. Go here and you will be able to watch videos in order to get free coins, at 150 coins a pop. You can also trade one big buck for 300 coins, or you can sell your cards in order to earn coins (and if you buy a whole lot of card packs, then you will have to sell extra cards at some point).

Get free big bucks by tapping on the same button as above or on the “Get Bucks” button. There are three ways to get big bucks. You can tap the free big bucks button and complete offers via Tapjoy’s offer wall, or you can go to and log in and find even more free offers than there are in the game. In addition, if you like the game on Facebook and follow the game on Twitter, you will earn 10 free big bucks apiece.

To get free energy, set the time on your phone ahead after you run out of energy. To do this go to the settings page and then set the actual time an hour or two ahead, and then go back to the game. Once you go back to the game, your energy will be restored. You can do this as many times as you want in order to get free energy and continue playing endlessly.