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Guide to Big Win Basketball for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Big Win Basketball is the latest in the big win series by Hothead Games Inc. This game will be familiar to anyone who has played the previous Big Win games such as Big Win Football or Big Win Baseball. In this game your goal is to build the best basketball team that you can and play against in league play to vie for various rewards. Read on for some tips and tricks to Big Win Basketball!

Early on in the game you should get the best cards possible, as quickly as possible, and you will be unstoppable in league games. Early on, when you play in league and quick games you are grouped by levels. Do the free videos in order to get free coins, save up your money and start buying silver card packs to load up on stronger players. If you do this at an early enough level you won’t even need to use big impact cards in order to win.

As you continue to play trophies even more, and place in the top three, you will earn large rewards including both coins and big bucks. Use the coins and the big bucks to buy more silver and gold card packs, and do offers for free big bucks if you really want an edge and to buy more gold packs. The more that you load your team up with gold players, the longer that you will be able to go without having to use any big impact cards.

Save your stat booster cards for when you have silver and especially gold card packs that you can apply them to. Applying them to bronze cards is absolutely useless because they will be the first ones that get replaced when you get some better cards. Save them for as long as you can make room for them. If you have no more room for them though, then sell or use them only as needed.

There is no point in watching the games that you play against other teams. If you skip the game then the results will be the same, because the results are already preprogrammed into the game before you even watch it. Also, if you run out of energy, set the time forward on your phone to get your energy back.

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