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Big Win Soccer for iPhone: Get more Big Bucks, coins and energy for free

Big Win Soccer is a brand new strategy soccer simulation that was released at a time that coincides with the start of the big soccer tournaments. It’s popular all around the world, and for good reason – it’s an engaging app. Energy is, as is common in many games of this type, needed to play matches – each match that you play uses one energy, and it takes time to recover your energy. Coins are the primary currency, and bucks, or big bucks, are the premium currency. Both of the last two are very valuable in their own right. Here’s how to get more of all of them for free.

Get more energy by doing the following trick when you have emptied out your energy bar (or come close to it). Go to the phone settings, and then go to the date and time settings. Now, set the phone ahead by a set amount of time that will restore all of your energy (an hour should work). Now, go back to the game screen after you do this, and take a look at your energy bar. It will be completely filled up, so theoretically, you can play unlimited matches this way by continually doing this.

There are a couple of things you can do that will earn you free big bucks. The first one is to go to the free offers for big bucks and complete them. The way that you do this is by clicking on the bucks icon (the little dollar bill) next to your Big Bucks total at the top of the screen, and finding the “free bucks” option. It will open up a list of offers for you to complete, each of which will earn you a differing number of big bucks. Another way is to gain experience levels (which is done by gaining more fans). Each one that you gain will earn you one more big buck.

To get more coins in a free and easy manner, tap on the coin icon at the top of the screen next to your coin counter. When you do this, a number of options will pop up to get you more coins, such as selling cards or buying them, but one of them will be an option called “watch and earn”. Tap the little movie camera next to that option and a short advertisement will start. After the ad, you will earn 100 coins. Do it all over again to earn even more coins.

Do it as often as you can in order to maximize your free coins. If you get the “movie is not available” message, just check back in five minutes or so, and usually, one will pop up (as will many more).