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How to play Big Win Soccer: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 3

Welcome to part 3 of the Big Win Soccer beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the beginner’s guide to Big Win Soccer, or click here to go back to part 1.

You can sell you cards if you wish, too. To do this, go to “my cards” and you will be able to scroll through every single one of your cards, with a sales price above each one of them. Selling player cards that you no longer use, or uniform cards that you have no plans to use, is a good way to earn some extra coins here and there.

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At the top right corner of the screen are your coins and big bucks counters. Tap either one of these for numerous options that allow you to either buy more coins using your big bucks, buy big bucks using real money in the App store, or earn either coins or big bucks by watching videos or completing offers.

Of course, a card game wouldn’t be complete without a way to buy more cards. To buy more cards, click on the “Buy Cards” icon in the bottom right corner of the menu screen. You will have the option to buy many different card packs. The two that can be bought with coins are the Bronze card pack, which costs 150, and the silver card pack, which costs 1,000 coins. Six other card packs can be bought with various quantities of big bucks. These ones, of course, are the ones that get you the better cards.

While the card ratings system (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) doesn’t matter much for big booster cards (it still does matter, though, as higher ranked big booster cards will have more of an impact when you use them in a match), it does matter for both player cards and stat cards. Player cards are rather obvious (better players, better stats) but stat increase cards of a higher rating will provide bigger statistical increases to any player that they are used on.

Enjoy playing Big Win Soccer!