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Guide to CKZ Origins for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

CKZ Origins, otherwise known as Contract Killer Zombies 2: Origins, is a new third person shooter for the iPhone, much like Resident Evil, and vastly different from its predecessor, COntract Killer: Zombies. You still play as a killer who is trying to either accomplish missions or help people accomplish missions, or just jump on the monorail station Read on for some tips and tricks for CKZ Origins!

Early on in the game the stages are very easy to beat, because you aren’t going up against many zombies at once, but later on, when the zombies start to come in greater numbers, you need to start thinking strategy when it comes to beating them without using any grenades. Your best bet is to do the old Call of Duty Zombies trick and run backwards, letting the zombies come after you and group up, and then shoot at the entire group of them. This is especially good when you’re firing the shotgun.

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Do the same thing when a special zombie shows up too, especially if they are a fast one. And tailor your usage of weapons to the type of zombies that you are facing. Hand to hand combat weapons, also known as melee weapons, will be strong against any of them, and can be used at high speed compared to most other guns.

Most weapons cost gold to get, and you can earn gold by completing story missions and other tougher missions, but it is a very slow process, and it will take a very long time before you can afford any of the good weapons on the meager mission winnings. However, if you don’t want to pay for gold, use the Tapjoy offer wall to get free gold instead.

If you don’t want the game to start in auto firing mode, and instead want it to fire more like the other Contract Killer and CK Zombies game, go to the Settings page and change “Manual Fire” to on.