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Call of Mini: Sniper (Last Stand) – How to get more coins and tCrystals

Call of Mini: Sniper (Last Stand) is a zombie shooting game for anyone who is fans of such games in the genre, ranging from as diverse of a crew as House of the Dead all the way up to the iPhone shooter Contract Killer Zombies. This one is much cuter than those ones are, with its super deformed zombies, but there is still a bunch of zombie blood in the game, as well as a whole lot of survivors to rescue and weapons to kill the zombies with. Coins are the premium currency in this game, and are used to buy most of the weapons and other goodies you can get. The premium currency in this game is tCrystals and these are used to buy only the most premium goods. Read on to find out how to get more of both.

Coins can be had by doing two things in the game: killing zombies and rescuing the civilians. For each zombie you kill, you earn 10 coins at the end of the game, and for each of the civilians that you rescue, you earn 50 coins, so they can definitely add up over the course of a long game. Be careful, though, because killing a civilian causes you to lose 50 coins at the end of the game, and if you lose a game because you killed 3 civilians, you’d have to kill a lot of zombies to make up for it.

At the end of a level, you also get a time bonus for how long you made it through one level. Make it through 9 minutes and you’ll get almost 600 free coins, for example. There are some ways to jack up the number of coins you get from zombie killing. For example, wait until you know that you’re about to be overrun because zombies are coming more quickly than you can shoot. That’s when you should shoot the gas truck. No earlier. The longer you can go before being overrun, the more zombies will be on screen, and blowing up the gas truck can earn you an extra 500-600 coins just from the sheer amount of zombies it can kill later on.

To get tCrystals, there is only one way to do it in this game, which is to buy them with real money. Go to the tBank to buy them. To get to the tBank, go to the shop tab, and then in the upper right corner, hit the big red button that says tBank. There, you can not only choose from multiple packages of tCrystals, but also from multiple packages of coins that you can buy.

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