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Guide to Swarm Simulator – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies To Take Over The World

Swarm Simulator is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to spawn insects, take over territory, and earn expansions, crystals, and all sorts of other goodies. You can also earn meat, crystals, mutagens, and more, and automate and speed up the process of world domination greatly. Read on for some tips and tricks for Swarm Simulator!

In the meat area, you have countless levels of bees that can produce it, from the lowly drones on up. Each higher meat producer will automate the production of the meat producer below it, so by moving higher and higher in the list of meat producers, the compounding effect will lead to gigantic amounts of meat being earned.

Territory is similar, but a little bit different in that the higher producers don’t directly create lower producers. Instead, what they do is simply create a whole lot more of the actual territory itself. You’re going to need that territory for expansions, so focus on buying more of the highest-level and second highest-level territory producers. Of course, you need meat in order to buy them, so don’t let focus on your meat producers slip.

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Twins will cut in half the number of resources that you need for each upgrade to a particular bug, although depending on how many of the bug you already have, the overall effect can be far better than that. For example, if you can afford Twins on a new big but you can’t yet afford the new bug, buy Twins and you’ll usually be able to afford not only the new bug, but multiples of it. Fast and Enforcer (for meat and territory producers, respectively) enable these producers to move at double the speed.

Once you get past the tutorial and have learned what crystals and energy are, you’ll begin to find bugs who give them to you once you tap them. Tap a bug and watch the video (if applicable) to earn either free energy or free crystals. You’ll have to do the video ad for the gold reward, but not for a standard reward.

Elixirs can give huge bonuses for awhile, but it’s often confusing to figure out what each one does at first. The blue one is the Conduit Elixir which helps your nexus capture 4x energy for two hours. The red one is Feast Elixir, which makes your drones work 100x as hard for meat for two hours. Orange is Rage Elixir which puts your territory units to work at 10x speed for two hours. The purple disk is Warp Elixir, which gives you a two-hour time warp. The purpleish pinkish heart one is Woohoo Elixir, which produces larvae 5x faster for two hours.