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Guide to Marvel Strike Force – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies To Win Every Battle

Marvel Strike Force is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platform featuring a massive array of heroes from the comics, including those who appear in the movies, the Netflix shows, and who don’t appear in either one yet. Your goal is to fight through campaigns and take down supervillains, while building the strongest team that you possbly can, collecting power cores, and getting those elusive 5-star and 6-star heroes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Marvel Strike Force!

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Once you are finished with the initial tutorial, you’ll unlock both speed-up mode and auto-battle mode in battle. These are great if you want to make it quickly through a battle, and the AI is good enough to strategize well for your characters, but when it comes to a tough boss fight, that’s when it’s the most important to take over the fighting yourself. Often your strategies will be the only thing that comes between life and death.

To load up on rewards right away, go to the auto-win mode in a battle that you have already beaten. This should be done instantly after you finish the tutorial, so that you can increase your player level sky-high and earn a ton of equipment right off the bat. Spread your auto-wins between multiple levels so that you can get a diverse set of equipment drops.

If you can’t equip a piece of equipment, then go to the train screen and use some of your training modules to level up your hero. It costs gold, too, but you earn so much of that throughout the game that that shouldn’t be a problem. If your commander level is holding back your hero’s level, then auto-win old battles until you run out of energy.

There are five types of characters that you can use in this game; blasters, protectors, brawlers, supports, and controllers. Blasters and brawlers deal the highest amount of damage. Protectors deal less damage but can absorb a ton of damage. Supports are there to heal the party. Controllers tend to be all over the map.

Take on each of the challenges as often as possible in order to load up on gold, training modules, and other goodies. Every challenge is open three days a week apiece. Sunday is the one day that all of them will be available at the same time, and each one can be played three times per day. You can do Gold Rush, Training Day, Medical Supply Run, Ability Enhancement, Orb Fragments, or Catalyst of Change.