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Survival Island: Evolve – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Survival Island: Evolve is a new sandbox survival game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to survive, to thrive, and to use creativity to not only stay alive for as long as possible, but to create a cool home for yourself. You can build yourself anything from a cabin to a mansion, craft all sorts of new items, and even collect lions and tigers and other animals as pets. Read on for some tips and tricks for Survival Island: Evolve!

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You have four main needs, but the two that will be hardest to meet are the food and water needs. To get more food and water, first, you have to search for sources in trees, and there will be plenty of those to go around. Craft weapons such as an axe or a club and use them to smash trees, and simply use the action button to collect from the lower shrubs. Whenever you get coconuts out of a tree, eat them to satisfy both hunger and thirst.

After a few levels, you’ll be able to craft a bow and arrow, which will enable you to get food VERY easily. Don’t attack ANY animals until you get a bow and arrow. Attacking an animal with an axe or a club is a VERY quick way to die. You can either pick a smaller, weaker but faster animal like the zebra, or a huge, powerful, slow animal like the elephant or the hippo. When you kill them, you’ll receive huge amounts of raw meat, lard, and rawhide. Either eat the raw meat or save it, or a combination of both.

Make sure that you have enough arrows for a prolonged battle before you try to take on an elephant or hippo. Switch to run mode, then go close enough to lock on and shoot arrows when you’re locked on. Run backwards to avoid getting killed by the angry animal while still shooting arrows. Then when you kill it, you’ll pick up the goodies.

Even if you don’t need a particular item, grind for levels by whacking trees or driving pickaxes into rocks. Each hit you make on a hittable item increases your experience points, and each craft item that you create also increases your experience points. Each time you level up, you unlock more items to craft, which includes better weapons, campfires and cooking items, and more elaborate house-building crafts.

Once you have your survival techniques down, then you can start being creative. That’s what the game is all about, but you can still make practical use of your house. Are you getting annoyed by animals constantly popping up and interrupting you? Find their spawn point and build your house over it. If you know the general but not exact area of spawn, then build a bigger house to try to thwart the spawn point.