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Helix Fall – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Helix Fall is a new arcade-style puzzle game for the iOS and Android platform where you play as a bouncing ball making its way down a helix of platforms. Your goal is to make your way all the way down to the bottom of the stage, make it to the next stage, earn gems, and unlock a whole bunch of balls. Read on for some tips and tricks for Helix Fall!

One of your goals is to get the highest score possible, and to do this, you should try to completely miss as many platforms as possible. For each platform in a row that you miss entirely without bouncing, you’ll add to your point multiplier. Miss three in a row and the next platform will explode when you hit it. Miss about five in a row and the fall will speed up, making it tougher to complete the landing.

Most of the balls in the game can be unlocked by earning gems. Some of them can be unlocked by beating specific levels. For the gem ones, there are three different tiers of balls. The common ones cost 250, the rare ones cost 700 gems, and the legendary ones, the rarest ones of all, cost 1,000 gems apiece. You’ll get a random ball of that specific tier.

There are plenty of ways to earn gems quickly. You’ll get to spin for gems whenever you beat a level. If you have an internet connection, you can watch an ad video for triple the amount of gems you earned, so if you spun for 54, you can win 162 gems instead just from watching that one video. The other way to earn gems quickly is to go to the ball select menu and watch a video for 50 gems, without having to play any levels.

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More and more obstacles will pop up here and there as you get further and further into the game. In the early levels, you’ll only have to avoid one random slice of color, as if you hit a slice of color, you die. Later on, beginning at level 5, the colors will move, and there will be more than one colored slice per platform. The slices will move too, and then beginning at level 6, a wall of color will make it even tougher to continue on.

Endless mode is a combination of what you’ll see on every single level. It will start off extremely easy, then as you go further down, more and tougher obstacles will appear, making it tougher to get lower and lower in the level. Your only goal here, of course, is to get the highest score possible. You won’t be able to restart with an ad video here like you can in the levels themselves.