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Bra Maker: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Bra Maker is a popular new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you get to design bras and bralettes, choose the model that you want to wear them, put the picture on social media, and get as many followers as possible. You have a lot of creativity and leeway in the design of your bra, as well as different poses that you’re models can use. Along the way you can unlock all different models and different bra cuts.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Bra Maker!

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This game has a lot of advertisements, so if you want to play without ads, then start the game up with your phone or tablet in airplane mode in order to disable all of the data transfer. The random videos will stop playing if you do this; however, the voluntary video advertisement options will go away as well.

Whenever you start a level, you will be able to choose from one of three bra designs. The first two are free, while the third one requires you to watch an advertisement video in its entirety. The video takes about 30 to 50 seconds to complete, and once it’s done, you will be able to use that bra.

The bra that is locked behind the advertisement video is sometimes, but not always, the most revealing cut. Sometimes it’s not; it’s simply a new cut that you may not have seen before. Often you will find that cut in a later level for free, as well.

After the bra is made, you will get to choose a pose, turn your model, and then take the picture. That picture will generate likes on social media. The number of likes generated is about the same no matter what pose or angle you take the picture from, so you can simply pick whichever one you want.

Another one of the things that you need to watch advertisement videos for is unlocking a new model. You will get an offer for a new model once you hit a certain number of followers; if you decide to skip over the offer, the offer will not come back, although you will be able to unlock different models later on with video offers.

The levels are very easy to beat and your score will generally be about the same either way, no matter which model you pick, which bra cut, the corset, the straps, the color, or the pattern. All of that is there simply for your own imagination.