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Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena is a new strategy RPG/MMORTS hybrid for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal here is to build up a team of the strongest monsters that you can, battle against the computer and against other monsters, and build the strongest team possible. You can earn coins, gems, monster cards, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tactical Monsters: Rumble Arena!

You earn a ton of different monsters before you even get out of the tutorial, much more than the five maximum that you can place in a party. For a good starting point, choose monsters based on the color of the border of their picture, as this represents their rarity. Green is common, blue is uncommon, purple is rare, and orange is epic. Go with the rarest ones first, and then build the party from there.

Hit the monsters academy to improve the skills of your monsters. You can pick from either basic training, advanced training, or training – cells. Each one comes with its own rewards, most notably gems; plus, they teach you more techniques that you can use in battle with specific characters.

In battle, after you finish up with the tutorial, you’ll be able to set the game in auto-battle mode. In addition, you can speed it up to 2x or 4x speed in order to hurry the battles along and progress through the game faster. For most of the game, you can set it in these modes and forget it, but for tougher battles, it’s better to set them to manual mode so that you can strategize in order to win.

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Join a clan as soon as you can. Being in a clan has major benefits, including the ability to request cards for upgrades from your clan mates; however, be sure to send them cards, too, to help them upgrade. Your trophies, combined with the trophies of your clan mates, will combine to make your clan ranking.

As you advance in the single-player mode, new modes will be unlocked. The advanced modes include the proving grounds, which unlock after chapter 5, the guerrilla warfare mode, which unlocks after chapter six, and the rumble tower, which unlocks after chapter seven. The e-sports mode unlocks when four of your monsters are upgraded to level 12.


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