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Knock Balls (Voodoo): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Knock Balls is the latest game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platforms. This plays like a 3D version of an Angry Birds type of game, in which you aim cannonballs to fire at stacks of blocks shaped like a building in order to try to knock them down before you run out of balls. The challenges get tougher and tougher as you make your way through the game, forcing you to come up with more and more strategies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Knock Balls!

To start with, aim at the seam in between two blocks. If you aim straight at one block, then that’s one block (or one stack of blocks) that you’ll knock over. But if you aim at the seam in between two blocks, then you could knock down two entire stacks of blocks, giving you more blocks for less balls used.

Each level has multiple stages, culminating in a boss stage. When you are in a non-boss stage, finish it in as few balls as possible. Any balls that you have left over will be counted as extra balls for the next stage. Your good aim on an easy stage will get you through tough times on a difficult stage.

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With each level, the formations will get slightly more challenging. Boss stages, ironically, are some of the easiest stages because you have so many balls that you can fire. The real tough stages are the ones in the middle of the level list. The beginning two or three tend to be real easy, but the middle ones, ending in the one right before the boss stage, tend to have an outsized difficulty and a smaller margin for error.

There are no kind of unlockable bonuses in the game right now, but it’s a brand new game, so wait until Voodoo drops more updates, as they’re very likely to add unlockable items in the stages. Most likely, they’re going to be new balls with different designs. There is no currency system, so it’s likely that specific actions will be required to unlock the new balls when they show up.

You can’t go back and play old levels, normally. If you want to go back and play old levels, then the only way to do so is to delete the data of the game and then start over. Either that, or delete the game altogether, and then go back to the App Store or the Google Play store and then download it again.