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Idle Balls – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Idle Balls is a shockingly popular brand-new idle clicker game with the aesthetic of the numerous Ketchapp endless breakout spinoffs. Your goal here is to knock out all of the orbs using the balls and moving onto higher levels, tapping and buying new balls (and upgrading your current balls) in order to make it happen. You can get boosters, fill the entire screen with themed balls, and make it to endlessly higher levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Balls for the iOS and Android!

In general, the more balls that you have on the screen, the quicker that you can make it through every level. Balls bounce around the screen from orb to orb, doing damage on their own, and the more balls that you have, the more damage that you’ll do more quickly, especially towards the beginning of the level.

Be sure to continually upgrade your taps, though, because they will be the way to knock out those stubborn corner orbs after your balls clear out the middle ones. The balls will hit the corner ones less often, naturally, so it’s up to you to tap them yourself. The quicker that you do that, the quicker that you’ll be able to move from level to level.

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When you’re offline, you’ll earn offline earnings based upon how many balls you have and the level of each of them. Oftentimes you’ll earn money offline quicker than you will online, and when you come back online, you’ll be able to watch a video to double your earnings as long as you have an internet connection. If you log back on without an internet connection, though, you’ll be able to collect without having to watch an advertisement.

Hit the boosts menu and you’ll be able to watch ad videos in exchange for three different boosts. You can watch an ad for double the revenue for four hours, which is by far the most bang for the buck that you’ll get. The other two options are to watch for 10x tap value or 2x balls; however, the 10x tap ad lasts for only 20 seconds, and the 2x balls boost lasts for only one minute at a time.

Some of the balls have a larger circumference than others; those balls will tend to hit more orbs in less time, so when you’re upgrading your balls that you already have, focus on those ones. Outside of that, keep the other balls upgraded to about an equal level – I.E. they should all cost close to the same amount to upgrade, aside from the most recent ball or balls that you have bought.