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Balls Control – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Balls Control is a new idle game with a unique spin for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, you have to tap the target (the circle) in order to attract the same-colored balls to it, and to continue doing this until you destroy all of the circles on the level. Then you use your points to unlock even more boosts. Read on for some tips and tricks for Balls Control!

With each ball, there is a specific number of upgrades that you have to purchase before the color goes into idle mode. Idle mode means that the circles will attract the balls automatically, and idle mode contributes to your offline income. For the first color (yellow), the standard is 5 upgrades. From then on, it’s 10 upgrades, so work for that 10th upgrade to unlock the auto-mode.

Once you pass a level, you will have the option to watch a video to collect the bonus or to skip it. As long as you have an internet connection, watch the video. All it takes is 30 seconds, and your bonus will normally top all of the points that you earned during the previous level’s run, so you’ll be able to buy upgrades much more quickly. Half the time, if you skip it, you’ll still have to watch a video anyways; it will just have a skip option affixed to it.

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As you go through the game, you’ll unlock various boosts that can be used by watching videos. The wave boost, for example, will make it so that you don’t have to use up all of the balls on a level in order for new balls to appear. This will provide a significant speed-up to getting rid of the balls and passing the level. Often one or two balls will be left behind, so be sure to tap to account for them.

Other bonuses exist in this game, so take them as often as possible. Unlock specific ball colors to increase your multiplier. And if you have the “HELLO” booster available, destroy the circles to collect letters so that you can unlock the huge bonus.

Once you unlock specific balls, you will be able to unlock entirely new worlds, which can be found by hitting the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Unlock the Neon ball and you will be able to unlock the Planets world. Unlock the Kilo Planet and you will be able to unlock the Sports world.