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Stone Skimming (Voodoo) – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Stone Skimming is a new game by Voodoo where your goal is to skim a stone as far as possible along the water. You can upgrade your throwing and skimming strength, and you earn money for each meter that the stone travels, which can then be put toward increasing your skimming score to as high as it can possibly go. Read on for some tips and cheats for Stone Skimming by Voodoo!

To make the stone go as far as possible, there is more to it than just throwing it, but throwing it one of the most important parts. Make sure to tap the screen as close to the middle of the bar as possible, in the red zone, so that you get the power bonus. Beyond that, tap the screen right before your stone hits the water every time, as this will cause the stone to bounce higher and for you to get a higher distance on it.

The other way to make sure that the stone goes as far as possible is to steer it by swiping to the right or to the left while it’s in the air. You’re going to need to do this to keep them from landing on the mud island, slamming into a piece of debris or an obstacle, and bouncing as far as it can go until it doesn’t have enough speed to stop skimming anymore.

If you want to earn your money right away from the offline income, go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead by however much time you want. You can do an hour, a day, a month, or whatever, and then go back to the game and earn your offline income. Then do all of the upgrades that you can afford and either set the time back to normal, or do the trick all over again.

There are three main performance stats that you can upgrade. The strength and speed stats do mostly the same thing, except the strength stats also affect how high the stone will be thrown. Skipping will affect how high and how fast the stone goes after it skips across the water. Keep all three of them upgraded at equal proportions in order to maximize your stone distance per dollar spent.

You can double your cash after each toss by watching an advertisement video. This is especially good to do after hitting a record-setting run, so that you can buy upgrades as quickly as possible. Look for free upgrades to pop up every-so-often too, which can be bought with a video, rather than with money.

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