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Dungeon Keeper (iOS/Android): How to get more gold, stone and gems

Dungeon Keeper is the revived addition to the real-time strategy series that hit it big on the PC a long time ago. This game has two main currencies and one premium currency. Gold is used to train your troops, while Stone is mostly used to build and upgrade various rooms and traps. Gems are the premium currency and are used to train more imps, buy speed-ups, and to purchase other sorts of premium goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get more of all three of these!

The most basic upgrade to your gold and stone output is to increase the level of your gold mines and your stone quarries. Each upgrade doubles the amount of gold or stone that the particular room can build up, as well as increasing the production speed greatly. Each successive upgrade level will require the dungeon heart to be at an equal level.

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As you progress through the game and clear out gem veins, you will be able to find and unlock two additional stone quarries and gold mines. These are to the upper left, lower right, lower left, and upper right corners of your screen, and digging through the gem veins takes a long time. However, it can be worth it to increase your output of stone and gold that much more.

To hold a higher maximum amount of stone at one time, upgrade the stone storage and treasury. In addition, continue upgrading the dungeon heart because not only will this allow you to upgrade your stone storage and treasury buildings higher, but you will be able to build multiples of them as well.

As previously mentioned, gem veins take quite a while to dig through, and hard gem veins take even longer. However, each one that you remove will earn you a number of free gems. The average is around three for the normal gem veins and 10 for the hard gem veins. Make sure to slap your imps around so that you can double their clearing speed and earn free gems that much faster.

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