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Dungeon Keeper (iOS/Android) Defense Strategy Guide, Page 2

As you progress through the game, you will be able to build more rooms, meaning that your dungeon will get rather crowded, and you will be unable to sustain your twisty pathways. This means that it will be far more important to keep your resource stashes very close to the dungeon heart, for easier defense. Most of the new rooms that you can build will have defensive capabilities, so keep them close, as protection. Keep your dungeon as crowded as possible.

However, you can still do pathway work. Normally, your central area (with the dungeon heart) will have four different entrances available. Block off all but one of the entrances, forcing your opponent to pick one single spawn point to send their minions through. Then you can build up your defenses in that particular area.

Your stash of gold and stone (that other players can steal) will be based off of what’s sitting in your gold mines and your stone quarries, NOT what is sitting in your treasuries and stone storages. Collect from your quarries and your mines as often as possible; that way, when other players happen upon you in the “find opponent” section, they will simply skip over you instead.

To save the most obvious portion for last: Max out on all of your traps, defensive areas, and blockades (such as doors and reinforced walls). The benefit of blocking off your pathways and forcing the enemy to take one single entrance to your area is that you can concentrate all of the traps in one specific area, making it nearly impossible for opposing players to get to you.

Finally, the more buildings that you have, the more different minions that you will unlock, and the more hatcheries that you have (and the higher the level), the more housing units that you have available. More housing units means more minions defending your base. Battling is a numbers game, so you need to win that battle by having the most and the highest-level hatcheries.

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