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Stone Miner: Top Tips, Cheats, Hints, and Strategy Guide

Stone Miner is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you drive a mining track around, break up stone, and then sell it for cash. You get to mine all sorts of new maps, upgrade every aspect of your truck and your headquarters, and more. You can even purchase pets once you get far enough into the game.

Read on for some tips, cheats, and tricks for Stone Miner!

Every upgrade requires you to spend coins, but some upgrades are worth it more than others. When you start purchasing the power upgrades, you will be able to cut through stronger stones faster. You can also make your truck move more quickly or increase its capacity.

The best upgrades that you can make our to the capacity of your truck and the capacity of the mine cart since they will allow you to complete each level significantly faster and earn more coins. Of course, all of the power upgrades are worth it as well, especially as you get into higher levels.

The most useless upgrade in the entire game is upgrading the speed of your truck. The reason that this is a pointless upgrade is that when you cut through stone, it takes a second to fall down, and then it falls into your truck. If your truck is too fast, and you’re going at full speed ahead, you will have to backtrack to collect the stone after you cut it, which makes everything take far longer.

If you are playing the game with a data connection, then technically you won’t have to pay for any upgrades. All that you have to do is tap the video button that shows up on every upgrade that you can’t afford. Watch the advertisement video, and when it’s done, you will have your upgrade for free.

There are several segments of the game which unlock at higher levels. Level six is when the pet store unlocks. The shop unlocks at level three. These are both cosmetic unlocks, meaning that they don’t have a practical affect on the gameplay, they just allow for a higher degree of customization.

Power ups frequently fall out of nowhere and up here once you clear a path in the stones. Be sure to collect and use these; the game will always ask you if you want to use them, and you have the option of turning down the power up, but why would you?

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The premium currency of the game is Jim’s. These can be used to make premium purchases, and often you get the chance to collect them within the level itself, without having to make a purchase. You will be prompted every time to watch an advertisement video in order to double your prize; as long as you have a data connection, do it every time.


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