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Mini Mine – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

Mini Mine is a new Android and iOS clicker game where the goal is to tap to mine various types of ore. You start off mining copper but you can progress to mining silver, gold, and more. You can buy nearly endless upgrades to your miner and his pick, and earn gigantic amounts of coins. Read on for some tips and tricks for Mini Mine!

One of the biggest cheats in this game involves the offline coins feature. It’s not much of a cheat as it exploits a glitch in the system, but it will progress you through the game at an insanely rapid pace. When you go offline for awhile, you’ll keep earning while you are offline. Come back and the game will pop up your offline earnings, with a video offer to earn 3x the currency. When the video is done, the triple currency offer will still be there. Tap it again, and again, and again, to keep tripling your already-tripled earnings to the point where you can essentially blow through the game in a few minutes.

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Hit the multiplier button in the upper right hand corner of the screen do to various tasks within the game to instantly increase your multipliers. This includes such things as enabling push notifications or watching a video for a temporary boost in the earnings per minute, equal to 3x what you were making already. The boost lasts for four hours at a time

Consequently, you can use this same menu to get rid of the annoying ads by shutting off the pop-up ads and the banner ads. You will lose multipliers if you do this, but if you are already insanely rich in this game and you’re just sick of seeing the pop-up ads, it can be well worth it. Also, you can enter friend codes in order to earn multipliers here. If you have two devices, use your own friend code. Otherwise, text a friend and ask them as it changes every hour.

Once you unlock the Gold, you will start being able to unlock stones from other planets. This includes the earth stone, Mercury Stone, and more. Once you unlock one of these interplanetary stones, you will be able to unlock the interplanetary picks to boost your performance (I.E. the Mercury Pick).

Every stone after copper has its own mini game associated with it. Tap on the elf to play the game, and if you get at least the score that the dwarf wants you to get, then you will instantly earn that 2x multiplier.