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Pocket Mine Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Pocket Mine tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Different rocks are worth different amounts of money. After a round, you can see what the details are by hitting the “details” button next to the money. Coal, which is the black rock, is worth one cash. Gold is worth two cash. Iron, which is the silver one, is worth three cash. Diamonds, which are the light blue ones, are worth five cash. Plus, the various collection items that you pick up in crates are usually worth 10 to 15 cash apieces, although sometimes they can be more and sometimes they can be less.

Every time that you get a card, once you head back to the menu screen, check the second tab from the left, which is your card collection tab, to see if there is a red exclamation mark by it. If there is, that means there are two cards that you can fuse together. Fusing cards increases their effect – for example, fusing a card that adds 100% more diamond crates will upgrade it to 125% more diamond crates when you get the card.

Link up to Facebook and find people who are playing the game (use a secondary account if you don’t want to bug your real life friends). Add them and then you will be able to trade collection artifacts (which are in the middle tab on the main menu area) so that you can help them to complete collections, and so that they can help you to complete collections.

There is no pause button in the middle of the game; however, if you want to pause the game, just hit the menu button or the sleep button on your phone, and then go back to the game and it will be paused. You can then choose whether to quit the game, resume, restart, or even to increase or decrease the speed in the middle of the game.

When you run out of energy, watch the “free stuff” videos in order to earn more money and more cards, until you get your energy back. Watch enough of these and you can end up with a LOT of free money crates, which can buy a massive amount of pick upgrades.

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