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Ball Smasher (Idle Ball Crush): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ball Smasher, formerly known as Idle Ball Crush, is a new factory simulator for the iOS and Android platforms where your machines produce large balls, your machines crush them, and then they become profit. The profits are then used to upgrade your factory so that you can make exponentially more money. You can even earn gold, turn your shapes into different shapes, and unlock new balls, not just new factory upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ball Smasher AKA Idle Ball Crush!

You can instantly change the shapes to completely different options. Everything will be the same price no matter what theme you choose. Change the theme by going all the way to the top of the factory and pressing the red button at the top center. Switch to the Balls menu and you’ll be able to see the change right away without having to scroll back down. You can use colored balls, white balls, watermelons, squares, and even emoji.

To speed things along, go to the boosts area and watch an ad video to earn 2x cash for four hours. Once you do that, go to the left side of the boosts menu and you will be able to watch another ad video to get a 4-hour time warp. Other boosts, such as permanent cash boosts, can be purchased using gold, which is the premium currency of the game.

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Once you unlock one ball, the upgrades to the value of the ball can be used. They may seem tiny, but the value of each upgrade increases as you purchase more of them, so keep upgrading until the balls’ worth becomes double, or 5x, or even 10x the value that they started off at. Keep the balls upgraded as their overall value can outstrip the value of the factory upgrades.

When choosing which factory upgrades to do, take a look around your machinery and figure out if there’s a logjam anywhere, or if you’re not getting enough balls for the machines to crush. If you’re short on balls, increase production. If the initial crusher machine can’t keep up with the big balls, upgrade its size and speed. If the gears are unable to deal with all of the small balls, upgrade either the speed, teeth, teeth size, gear size, or the gravity.

Smart tapping can double the speed of production and make up for the initial crusher’s deficiencies. Tap any big ball to turn it into a small ball, so that the initial crusher doesn’t have to deal with it. Tap rapidly with one finger (two won’t work) to fill the bar right below your cash collection screen. When the bar is full, the two crushers will speed up greatly. Keep tapping in order to keep the bar full.

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