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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tap! – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tap! is a new minigame based off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for the Facebook Messenger platform, meaning that it can be played either on PCs or on mobile devices, whatever you use Messenger on. You play as Rain and your goal is to progress from level to level, tapping and killing an endless array of bosses and unlocking new comrades from elsewhere in the FFBE universe. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tap!

The quickest way to win in this game, obviously, is to tap as quickly as you can; it’s also to play the game on a mobile device or on a tablet, because then you can tap with multiple fingers at a time. The more fingers that you tap with, the quicker that you can finish the battle. With a computer, you can only click the mouse to attack, which is a far slower way to win.

If you want to put the game in passive mode, equip your sidekicks with the strongest weapons that you have, and use your lapis to power them up heavily. If your phone has auto-sleep set after a period of time, remove auto-sleep and let your phone sit on the charger, with your sidekicks attacking constantly. If you can’t finish a fight in time, you’ll go into training mode, where your characters can beat up on enemies with no time limits.

Every five levels or so you’ll unlock a new character. After you get five sidekicks, you will be able to switch them in and out of your party because you can only have five sidekicks (plus Rain) in your party at a time. Fill your party with the strongest ones; unequip all of the ones who get shuffled out of the party, so that the equipment can go to your chosen ones later on.

Match up your weapons against enemies correctly to get a double damage bonus against enemies. You can get a hint as to what to use by checking out the background – for example, if the backdrop of the battle is an icy, snowy landscape, then use a fire weapon.

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Once you unlock raid battles, get your friends in on it, and if you don’t have any friends who play, look for Facebook groups who have messenger battles. Many of them are looking for more people to participate in raids, so they’ll be happy to have you join up.