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Fantasica for iPhone and Android: How to get more brave points and cards (units)

Fantasica for the iPhone and Android is a cross between a card battling game and a tower defense game, with RPG elements thrown in just to make it extra fun. Brave points allow you to get new cards, but there are more ways to get new cards than just by using brave points. Read on to find out how!

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There are a few ways to get more units. One of them is to go to the “card pack” section and open up your free pack. You get one free card pack each time you log in. To open any further card packs, you’ll have to use 200 brave points, at least until you login again and get another free card pack.

Another way to get free cards is to go to the Training area and complete training missions. Keep completing these, including completing the same ones over and over if you wish (and if you like the units that a particular level gives you), although the further you progress, the better the units that you’ll get. Either way, playing training missions is also great for finding cards to use as enhancement fodder for your main cards.

You get bonus brave points as a login bonus for your first and third login in a row. This is how you’ll get most of your brave points. However, other players can send you brave points, and you can send other players brave points. To find people to send brave points to, go to the “allies” tab and hit ally search. Then, next to each player’s tab, hit “profile”.

When you get into the profile tab, hit “send brave” and not only will you send brave, but you’ll get brave as well. You will earn 10 brave if you send brave points to a brand new player, and 5 brave otherwise. It’s a slow way to earn brave points, but each 200 brave points that you earn allows you to open up another card pack from the card shop.


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