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How to play Fantasica for iPhone and Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Fantasica for the iOS and Android platforms! Fantasica is a cross between a card battling game and a tower defense game by Mobage Inc, with graphics reminiscent of some of the best of the 16-bit RPGs of yore. It’s a very in-depth game, but read on and the beginner’s guide to Fantasica will have you all set!

Quest mode is one of the first modes that you learn in the game. In Quests, you play a game much like a tower defense game, where monsters come down a path, and you deploy anywhere between 1 and 7 (depending on the round) of your units to fight the monsters. You have three kinds of card units in this game: melee units (represented by a sword icon), missile units (represented by a bow and arrow icon) and magic units (represented by a staff).

Enemy units in quests are ground, sea and air (represented in order by a paw, a water droplet and talons). Your melee units can’t do any damage to opposing air units in this game, but aside from that, every individual unit has its strengths and weaknesses.

Each unit costs a certain amount of “unit points” to deploy. In each questing round, you have a max amount of unit points, and if you don’t have enough unit points for a unit, you can’t deploy them, or you can wait for unit points to replenish (at a rate of one per second).

At the end of an “episode” of quests, you have a boss battle, where a number of regular monsters come out followed by one big boss character. If you can beat this battle, you earn an artifact, and if you earn 3 artifacts from one collection, you can trade them for a rare card.

You also have a certain “cooldown” time after each quest, ranging from 5 minutes for a normal quest round to 60 minutes for a boss, and 15 minutes for special quests, such as ally quests and solo quests, and challenge quests.

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The next game mode is “training mode”. This plays more like an old dungeons and dragons RPG, where you take a step, and either find treasure or attack a monster after each step. When the “progress bar” fills up, you are done with that round of training, and ready to move onto the next round. Each step you take costs Training Points, and once you run out, you have to wait for them to fill back up.

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