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Guide to Fantasica for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies – the beginning

Fantasica is a cross between a traditional RPG and a card battle game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch (and for the Android OS) with a lot of gameplay built in, as well as some beautiful art by Hideo Minaba, the man who was behind the iconic look of Final Fantasy. In this game, an army of monsters is threatening to take over the world, and your goal is to amass an army of humans in order to battle them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fantasica!

When you start off the game, you will have only three cards to play with. Your first and best bet in order to get more cards for you to use is to go to the training area, which is a lot like the “quest” mode in order card-battling games. Progress through the training until you run out of training points, and by then, you should have a lot more cards. The human cards are your attack cards, and the monster cards will be your defense cards.

You also start off with 200 Brave Points, and you continue earning Brave Point bonuses each time that you log in. You can earn more of them by sending kudos to people once every half an hour, which will earn you 5 of them (10 if it is a new player that you are sending them to) per person you send it to.

When you are in quest mode, be careful not to start blowing through your Time Elixirs as you play. Each time you do a quest you have to wait 5 minutes from the beginning of cool down to do another one, and you use a time elixir each time that you play before cooldown is done.

To make a difficult quest mode battle much easier, one of the quickest ways to level up monsters is in Enhance mode. Your best bet is to combine multiple cards that you don’t need into your leader card (who should be either a Mage or Archer, since they do damage to all three types of monsters), which will power it up SIGNIFICANTLY.

Try to avoid sacrificing cards such as Dain the Blacksmith, Kevin the Archer or Ian the Mage, unless you have so many of them that you can afford to. They make excellent backup cards for battles where you can deploy 5 due to high attack power, but many other cards that you come across in Training mode make lousy backup.

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