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Chest Hero – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Chest Hero is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that centers around opening chests, unlocking equipment, leveling up, and opening chests full of even more powerful and more rare equipment. There are plenty of different game modes included, such as PVE and PVP, and specific challenges, but the main goal of the game is to open chests and earn equipment. You can earn gold and diamonds, unlock new game modes as you gain levels, and more.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Chest Hero!

The main point of the game, of course, is opening chests. At the beginning, your focus is on filling out equipment and slots, but then once you start unlocking duplicate and weaker equipment, you can then sell that equipment for experience and coins, which allows you not only to gain levels, but to earn gold so that you can upgrade your chests.

Gaining levels will increase the level of the equipment that you can unlock, but upgrading your chest will make it much easier to earn rare, excellent, epic, legendary, and even higher levels of rarity equipment. Rare equipment has much higher stats for the experience level than common equipment, and more secondary characteristics come with rare equipment as well, giving you an advantage in battle.

Battles happen automatically, and are decided by a combination of your stats versus your opponents stats, as well as secondary characteristics such as healing and life stealing. Speed will also determine who takes the turn first; if you have a higher speed than your opponent, then you will attack first.

Keep gaining levels in order to unlock new modes. You can unlock mount taming, which allows you to equip a mound and multiply your stats. Later on in the game, you will unlock fishing, and can even equip a fish. Plus, once you equip wings, you can upgrade them using white feathers, crimson feathers, and gold for an even bigger step boost.

The arena mode is one of the most important modes in the game, because you will be able to earn massive amounts of coins if you win. Your best bet in arena mode is to play against players of a lower level. Select the lowest level possible when you are choosing your opponent.

Later on in the game, you will unlock peak arena mode. The difference between the two arena modes is that standard arena mode allows you to earn white feathers, while peak arena mode allows you to earn crimson feathers. White feathers allow you to level up your wings, while crimson feathers allow you to empower your wings.

As you continue to level up your test, you will unlock the ability to spend two or three chests at a time on one chest opening. This gives you a much higher shot at earning rare or extra high-level items, which can give you a massive boost in the adventure mode and the arena mode.

Once you unlock guild play, you will be able to start your own guild or join one that has already been created. You and the other members of your guild can help each other out in battle, giving you a big advantage over players that are not part of one.

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