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Buddyman: Office Kick 2 – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Buddyman: Office Kick 2 is the latest game in the franchise formerly known as “Kick the Buddy” by Crazylion Studios. Your goal, simply put, is to grab the Buddyman, who this time is dressed like a stereotypical office manager, then beat the hell out of him with as many creative weapons as you possibly can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Buddyman: Office Kick 2!

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The Buddyman can often be difficult to target or difficult to catch. Usually when you shoot at him he runs from side to side and sometimes he’ll simply run in circles around the screen. Make it easy to aim by either tilting your phone to the side so that he falls into the corner or simply grabbing him with one finger and shooting him with the other finger.

Need to gain experience extremely quickly and smoke the Buddyman even faster? Pick a projectile weapon, such as the potato gun, then use multiple fingers to shoot him. You can even make potato guns on all four fingers simply by tapping the screen with four fingers and then gently aiming. Use a finger on the other hand to hold him down to make it even easier.

Mix a passive weapon with an active weapon for maximum coin gains. A passive weapon, such as the burning piece of paper, will do damage and earn coins without you having to do anything. Switch immediately over to an active weapon, such as the potato gun, and get coins from using that while the burning paper is still generating coins for you.

Gems are used to purchase the Superkick weapons, but you don’t have enough to start out with. If you need more, instead of buying them, tap on the button that says free gems in order to watch an advertisement video that gives you just that. You’ll earn five at a time, but you’ll eventually earn enough over time for the good stuff.

The videos for coins are not worth much though, only 10 coins at a time. Shooting the Buddyman is faster. Don’t worry about buying gems – if you are going to spend money, just go to the store and tap over to the “500 weapons” ad, which is for Buddyman: Kick 2, which has far more weapons than this one has.