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Kick The Buddy (reboot) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Kick The Buddy is the rebooted version of the old-school iOS and Android game. This version, by Chill Fleet GmbH, contains the same kind of gameplay as the old one, where you can tap the buddy to beat him up, stretch him with your fingers, and attack him with a massive number of different weapons. Read on for some tips and tricks for the rebooted version of Kick The Buddy!

If the game keeps freezing on you every time you hurt the buddy enough to kill him, it’s because you don’t have an active internet connection. The game will freeze because that’s the point at which the game will try to contact the server, and if it can’t, then it will just give up. So make sure that you’re playing the game with an active internet connection.

Look around your list of “stuff” in the menu, as there are a TON of different weapon categories. Weapons range from the old-school, such as traditional firearms and explosives, to the absolutely weird, such as powers of the gods, animals, and office supplies. Even more stuff is available at a specific point in the game, but it’s currently locked and unavailable.

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Some weapons will give you more cash than others, so you have to experiment and figure out which ones are the highest-earning. Machine guns tend to earn you a lot of cash, but some others, such as the flaming jack-o-lanterns in the horror sections, are epically high earning, as are missiles.

Some of the weapons can be earned by something other than cash or gold. Tap on the ones that say free, and you’ll be able to earn them either by watching five ads (easy) or 100 ads (annoying as hell). You can also buy these with cash or gold, if you don’t want to watch the videos. Plus, you can earn a couple of weapons by hitting the Instagram subscribe button, even if you don’t actually follow through.

Be sure to switch weapons frequently. If you use the same weapon for too long, it will start to earn you less and less coins – far less, in fact, than they did originally. Switch weapons and your new weapon will earn you a lot of coins, the initial amount that it would have. Once the coins drop, switch again.