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Buddy Toss: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Buddy Toss is a new iOS and Android game where you play as a big muscle man who tosses your buddy up in the air as high as possible. You can either play in the standard game mode and try to earn as many stars (currency) as possible, or play in the story mode and complete all sorts of quests. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, tricks, and strategies for Buddy Toss!

In the standard game mode, you only have a specific number of tosses before your muscle man runs out of energy and is not able to toss anymore. Wait until the lowest possible moment to tap and toss again. Of course, don’t wait too long especially on the later taps, or else your buddy will just crash into the ground if you tap too late. If you tap too high, though, you won’t gain a whole lot of distance.

If you want to get the best distance possible, wait until the lowest possible moment before you tap the screen again. The lower you can go, the higher you’ll toss your buddy the next time around. The higher that your buddy gets tossed, the harder it will be to time the tap, but look at the bar on the right and tap when your buddy is in the green section of the bar in order to get a good toss going.

With all of those stars that you earn, you can upgrade power and size. If you upgrade your power, you’ll be able to toss your buddy higher, but if you upgrade your size, not only will you also be able to toss your buddy higher, but you’ll also be able to get a better quality toss when you tap due to the increase height of your muscle man (the best taps are below the shoulders of the muscle man).

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In story mode, the gameplay is similar, with the addition of other tasks too. For example, in the Buddy Thief mode, the gameplay is the same, but you’ll also have to tap when you’re next to an item that you can steal. In Defend the Farm, you have to tap when you’re at the same latitude as the UFO. When you do, you’ll rescue the sheep that the UFO are trying to steal. Your goal is to save as many sheep or to steal as many items as possible. The higher you go, the tougher it is to grab items or to aim at UFOs.

Some of the story modes will have their own unique purchases; in Defend the Farm, for example, you will be able to buy better guns, which can make it easier to aim and which can do more damage to the UFO for each tap that you do. You can use stars from the standard mode to buy stuff in the story mode, and it’s generally much easier to earn stars outside of the story mode.


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