Sprout: Idle Garden – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Sprout: Idle Garden is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to build a beautiful flower garden and fill it with structures, potted flowers, and landscapes. You can hire gardeners to tend to your landscape or tend to it yourself, load up on all sorts of flowers, and unlock more and more of them as well. Read on for some tips, cheats, hints, strategies, and tricks for Sprout: Idle Garden!

Gaining levels is your main form of upgrade in this game, but unlike a lot of games where you grind and earn money to gain levels, you complete quests to gain levels in this one. Each time that you gain a level, you unlock a new flower. Once you plant the new flower, you’ll gain a level and unlock another flower. Plant that flower to gain a level and unlock another flower. Simple to repeat, but oftentimes difficult to do.

Build a house to make a gardener appear, and then you can build a path for them to walk back and forth on. The best way to go is to line the entire path with potted plants so that gardeners can collect them one by one as they walk by, while having to make as little of a trip as possible. You can continue to add space for your gardeners to walk or to build more potted plants in order to extend the path, and as you unlock more houses, you can get more gardeners, too, for faster collection.

Upgrade your plants to levels 10, 25, and 50. With each of these milestone upgrades, you will add a major multiplier to your plants. The level 50 multiplier is the top one, adding around 1700% to your income per flower that you pick. 50 is the maximum level, so eventually, you’ll have to replace your flower with another, more lucrative flower that’s more expensive to upgrade, but makes you vastly more money each time that you or your gardener collect one.

All kinds of other upgrades pop up too besides pots, paths, and houses. Build the bush and tall hedge and other side plants to increase the total idle value of all of the flowers. Tap on the paperclip icon menu to add other random upgrades. You need a dirt path or equivalent in order to place one of these random upgrades there. The phonograph, for example, will allow you to add music to your garden. The coffee shop will cause your gardener to move faster, but you have to place it next to their path.

When you come back from a long period of time offline, you’ll be able to collect it all, or you can watch an ad video in exchange for earning three times the amount of offline income. Skip this if you are offline for only a short period of time, but if you are coming from a long layoff, watch the video and you’ll be earning a huge amount of income.

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