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Guide to Kick the Buddy: Like a Boss – Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

It’s one of the dumbest, yet most fun, series of games on any platform, not just the iOS platform, but it is addicting, and it keeps winning fans. Kick The Buddy: Like a Boss lets you find creative and interesting ways to attack the rag doll who looks like the boss of the office. You can customize him any way that you want (ostensibly to make him look more like your real life boss), and attack him with everything from printer ink to dynamite to thumbtacks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kick the Buddy: Like a Boss!

With the thumb tacks, you don’t have to aim the thumb tacks at the boss in order to hit him. All that you have to do is tap the screen quickly and for each tap, a tack will automatically shoot right at the boss, earning you one coin per hit that you land on him.

When you kill the boss, however, if you wait for him to revive, your hits will earn you less and less coins. To get around this, minimize the app using the menu button, and then double tap the menu button and shut down the app manually. Open up the app again, and not only will the boss be alive again immediately no matter how long he has been dead when you shut it down, but every hit you land on him will earn you the same amount of coins as at the very beginning.

Once you buy the “Burning Paper”, you don’t even really have to play the game in order to earn coins. Simply equip the burning paper, fill the screen with burning papers and set the phone down. The boss will run back and forth, catching on fire, and for every second that he is on fire you will earn a coin.

If you use the markers and color all over the screen or the boss (which is absolutely worthless because you don’t earn coins for doing so), you need to close the app and then restart it in order to get rid of all of the ink on the screen.


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