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Beat The Boss for iPhone: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

It’s one of the dumbest games on the iPhone, yet it is one of the most addicting. Beat The Boss has become the top free game in the entire app store in a VERY short period of time, and for good reason – it’s so easy to get into, and it’s so fun to play. Despite the (now old) title of the game, you do not actually KICK your boss – you do everything possible to the boss except for kick him, as a matter of fact. You can throw him around the room, shoot him, stab him, put post it notes on him, hit him with erasers and phones, and kill him in some extremely creative ways – but don’t worry, he comes back to life within seconds and continues insulting you, making you want to kill him all over again! All this to earn coins, which buy you new weapons to use, new bosses to kill, and new scenery in which to kill all of your bosses. If you’re new to the game and are looking for a beginner’s guide to tell you all of what you need to know, then read on.

The game starts off simply enough, with you having no weapons. When you have no weapons, your weapon is throwing the boss around. To do this, tap and hold the Boss, swipe, and then let go, and he will be thrown against the wall. Each time you throw him against the wall, you earn one coin, and when you kill him, you earn a bunch of bonus coins. Throwing the boss is fun enough, but the real fun is up ahead.

Buying weapons is where the fun is at. You can buy four types of weapons: office supplies, stabbing weapons, shooting/bombing weapons, or kitchen supply weapons. To get to the weapons store tap on the icon in the upper right corner that looks like an arrow with a curly-cue inside it. Click on ‘weapons’ and then choose one of the four icons below the main tabs. More expensive weapons generally earn you more coins every time you attack the boss.

Once you buy a weapon, you will notice it has one gold star below it. This is the level that the weapon is currently at. To level up your weapon, open the weapons store and go to the lower right menu, and tap the blue “up” arrow. Then you’ll see a price appear next to the weapons you own. Tap them and pay the coin price and you’ll have an upgraded weapon. These earn you more coins per hit.

In the top tabs of the store are the “store” and “options” tabs. The store tab lets you buy more scenery, more bosses to kill, and more hearts (which let you revive the boss automatically after you kill him, without any waiting). The options tab lets you change various options in the game.

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