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Clash of Clans for iPhone: How to get free Gems

Clash of Clans is a new battle strategy game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Fans of Galaxy Life, or of games such as Backyard Monsters, Edgeworld and War Commander for Facebook will appreciate the familiarity of the style of gameplay in this game. As the clan leader, your job is to stop the goblins who are trying to invade your village, and then to arm up and invade the goblins yourself. Oh yeah, and you get to invade other players and attack their lands too. Gems are the premium currency in this game, and while they cost real life money to get normally, you can always get them for free. Read on to find out how!

One of the best ways to get free gems is early on in the game, right in the tutorial itself. The tutorial tries to get you to spend gems in literally every single task that you accomplish in order to complete it, simply because it wants you to rush through the tasks and speed everything up.

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However, you don’t actually need to spend any real gems to get through anything in the tutorial, aside from building a second builder’s home. With everything else in the tutorial, you can wait it out and watch them complete after the given amount of time, instead of spending your gems to speed up the tasks. Some tasks will take up to 15 minutes to complete, while others will take only 3 minutes at the most.

Another way to get free gems is to complete quests in Clash of Clans. Every single quest rewards you with free gems for completing them, and while most of them only offer you up to 5 gems at a time, these 5 gems at a time really add up by the time you get around to completing around 10 quests.

 Lastly, when you clear out random weeds and objects from your area, such as mushrooms, often you will find gems that are just there randomly, so clear out as many weeds, rocks, mushrooms and trees as you can in order to maximize the free gems!

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