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Age of Fury 3D: Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Age of Fury 3D is a new MMORTS game for the iOS platform. Think of it like a 3D version of Clash of Clans, as the same kind of gameplay is offered. You can fight in the single player battles, invade other players’ territories and steal their gold and their apples, and even form up into clans to send each other troops. Read on for some tips and tricks for Age of Fury 3D!

Gold and Apples are the two most important things in this game. The faster you can earn them, the more quickly you can upgrade everything else in your village. Upgrade your storages, your mines and your apple trees and maximize your total number of each one. Upgrade the castle to make even more of them available.

Because they are so important, they will be the thing that you want to protect the most. Concentrate your apple trees, gold mines and storages inside the walls, and within range of as many defensive units as possible. Those and the castle (of course) are the most important things to defend.

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As much as possible, give all of your important buildings space inside their individual walls (or as it is called in Clash of Clans, the “pocket” style of base). Your castle comes first (unless you are trying to artificially drop your trophies), followed by everything to do with resources and your defensive buildings/towers. Everything else can be ignored.

Want to earn some free gems? Complete the achievements and the various challenges that pop up, such as rescuing the princess within 24 hours. Also, clear out any of the trees and rocks inside your base, and oftentimes you will earn free gems from these.

When attacking, your best bet is to try to get rid of your enemy’s defensive towers first. Mix up which troops you send in, and if you are a veteran Clash of Clans player, use the same battle strategies that you used in that game, and they will work in this game.