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Traffic Racer – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Traffic Racer is an endless driving game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring actual, real life cars (albeit without their names or badges, but you can still tell by design). The game is very simply and very addictive – your goal is to go as far as possible, collect as many coins as possible, and buy the endless variety of new cars and upgrades that the game offers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Traffic Racer!

You get coins for how far you go, how long you stay above 100 KPH for, and how many close shaves you get (passing somebody and almost hitting them) above 100 KPH. You can chain together combos of consecutive near-misses to earn loads of points. Every near miss that you add in a row increases the points from 100, 200 etc, all the way up to 700.

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Speed upgrades are the most important upgrade that you can buy. Handling upgrades are useful, but all that they do is increase the sensitivity of the turning. Brake upgrades are useful but even the base level brakes stop your car fairly quickly anyways. When in doubt, always upgrade the speed so that you can go a longer distance and earn more coins.

Playing on two-way mode gives you a fourth way to earn more coins as well. The more time that you spend going the wrong way in traffic, the more coins that you can earn in one shot. This, of course, adds a new level of difficulty to the game, as well as an increased usefulness for the handling upgrades, but even on short drives you’ll earn coins more quickly.

Time trial mode is great for earning coins because the round goes for 60 seconds regardless of if you crash or not, and you don’t get penalized for crashing. However, if you are skilled enough at avoiding traffic that you can go for longer than 60 seconds in standard rounds, then avoid this mode.

There are some ways to earn free coins as well, without playing a race and without purchasing them. Go to the in app purchase store and you will have the option of watching a free advertisement video that can earn you 500 coins in one shot. Watch all of the available videos to load up on coins quickly. Then when the videos are done, go back to the game and play races until more videos are made available.