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Drifty Chase – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Drifty Chase is a new endless driving game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a bank robber whose goal is to run away from the cops by drifting through turn after turn, from neighborhood to neighborhood. You can get cash from the robberies, new cars, and more as you try to rack up the highest possible score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Drifty Chase!

When you get to the end of a run, you can “bribe” your way into continuing by watching an advertisement video. If you choose not to, then you can rob a bank, also by watching an ad video, and then when the ad video is done, you will earn free cash. A robbery video will be available after every single run.

You only have to tap to drift, rather than swiping. Make sure to time your drift so that you are not driving against traffic. You want to be going in the same direction as traffic so that you don’t get hit by oncoming traffic. Try to stay out of the way of other cars when you turn though, because once you hit one, your run is done.

Tap on the car-silhouette button on your car keys to go to the car shop. Here you can by different cars, each of which has different handling characteristics. The size of the car can make a difference too. The smaller the car is that you drive, the smaller of a target, meaning that it’s a little bit easier to avoid other cars and obstacles.

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Some cars cannot be unlocked until you earn a certain point total in a single run. Do this and then go back to the car menu and the car will be available to purchase. As an example, the Astomic CB9 will be available after doing 22 turns in a single run, and the Nimso GT will be available after doing a 36-point run.

Each car also comes with a bonus that can be activated by watching an ad video. As an example, the Beetle can earn you 20% more cash once you pass Chinatown if you activate its bonus. Each car has its own different bonus that can be unlocked with a video.